Is there a way to avoid surgery?

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Avoiding Spinal Surgery is now possible

Avoiding complex spinal surgery is the number one aim of every person who has been diagnosed with scoliosis, and RSC braces are the number one choice to help you achieve that. Clinical studies and years of hands-on treatment have demonstrated excellent results with RSC braces which are accurate and effective.  

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Cymortho is the sole UK provider of Ortholutions RSC scoliosis braces. Dr Manuel Rigo is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on Scoliosis and every brace is specifically designed for each individual patient with direct input from Dr Rigo himself. Hugh Malleson, State Registered Orthotist, the owner of Cymortho, is highly experienced in all areas of Orthotics but has a passion for managing scoliosis and has undertaken the specialised training required to assess, measure and fit these braces. You will receive an attentive, responsive and personal service from Hugh, backed up by Ortholutions, the manufacturers in Germany. 

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Spinal surgery is one of the areas of Orthopaedic surgery of high risk – not only during the procedure itself, but also with complications months or even years down the line. Wearing an RSC brace and engaging in a personalised therapy programme will give you an excellent chance of avoiding surgery.

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