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By visiting this page, you have accessed information about one of the most effective treatment methods for scoliosis. RSC (Rigo-System-Cheneau) bracing is recognised as one of the most advanced systems in the world. Not only is it endorsed by Dr Manuel Rigo, but he devised the complex classification system which is the hallmark of the concept. The system employs genuine 3-dimensional mechanisms to control and correct the curvature of the spine – few other braces can boast such accuracy and efficacy


The details and X rays of each client are reviewed personally by Dr Rigo, which means that he has direct input into the treatment of your son or daughter. No other system can offer this level of expertise from a medical professional of such high standing.


Dr. Manuel Rigo M.D. PhD and Robert Dallmayer at the 14. RSC brace Scoliosis Intensive Seminar April 2016, Copyright Ortholutions GmbH Co. KG


Dr Rigo is one of the most sought-after scoliosis physicians in Europe, and his expertise derives from a deep understanding of the condition from a theoretical point of view, but also from years of practical experience where he has always been closely involved in the management of the condition in his Barcelona clinic




Treatment of scoliosis within the NHS is generally done with Boston bracing, which is known as a modular system, i.e. standard units are taken off the shelf and adapted to meet the clinical presentation. RSC braces are all made individually for each client using the most modern and sophisticated CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture) methods in Europe. The company that makes them is Ortholutions Gmbh which is owned and run by Jenny Schmid and Dino Gallo, both of whom are practicing Orthotists. They have worked with Dr Rigo for many years and have an intimate knowledge of the products that they make.

The Rigo System of Classification is the product of years of research, and uses some elements of other systems such as King and Lenke, and has proved to be an exceptional tool for treating scoliosis.

The details and images of each client are stored on a secure database. This enables access to a vast amount of information which can be used for research and also to determine the correct prescription of each brace. It also means that the information for each client can be accessed at any time to check progress and for statistical analysis.

When Dr Rigo accesses the information about your child on the database, he determines the precise prescription to be used – no other system has such a high level of input from a world-renowned expert, which makes RSC braces unique amongst all other systems. In addition, he and the Ortholutions team are always on hand to discuss further alterations and modifications which ensures the best possible outcome for the treatment.

The complex nature of scoliosis means that a highly sophisticated device needs to be used to ensure that the correct forces are applied at the right point, in the right direction and at the right time. RSC braces are designed to apply precise mechanical loads during the day and night, but in addition, they use the physiological changes of the normal breathing cycle.

7 Facts about RSC bracing:

  1. Each brace is designed to implement Schroth Therapy techniques – the brace is ‘curvature-specific’
  2. Each brace is a reproduction of a hand-modelled design by Dr Manuel Rigo
  3. The brace is supplied, ready for fitting by your orthotist
  4. Each prescription is defined by Scoliosis expert, Dr Manuel Rigo
  5. Every patient has the full support of the Ortholutions team, and Cymortho within the UK
  6. All patient details are maintained on a secure database and can be accessed by clinicians at any time
  7. Each brace is authenticated by Ortholutions

The RSC brace forms the foundation of treatment, but there is also a variant known as the nBrace, which is a derivative of the RSC brace and for use at night only. The nBrace is an effective treatment for younger children with smaller, progressive curves – usually under 25°.  Essentially, all of the mechanical and physiological principles are the same as the RSC brace, but the nBrace is longer, and therefore impractical to use during the day. The additional length means that the mechanical effects are magnified, so increased corrective forces can be applied with little or no deterioration in levels of comfort.

If you click on the links section, you will find a number of references pertaining to the RSC concept. With an increasing body of evidence being gathered, RSC bracing can be shown to be highly effective, and at Cymortho we are ready to start the journey with you and support you all the way.

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