We are stocking a range of seamless brace shirts which are the ideal garment to fit between you and your scoliosis brace. Made with natural fibres, they have a small flap under the axilla (arm pit) which will help to make your brace more comfortable. The fabric is called MicroModal, and is designed specifically and exclusively for Ortholutions. It has excellent wicking qualities and will help to make the brace far more comfortable to wear.

Here’s a full description:

The brace undershirt is worn under all types of TLSO braces, such as scoliosis braces, kyphosis braces, RSC® Brace, Cheneau braces and frame supports to protect the skin. It provides a pleasant, wrinkle free fit, and can be stretched in all directions!

Suitable for sensitive skin, without any chemical additives.

What is Micromodal? Our brace shirt Micromodal Comfort is made from a Modal fiber from Lenzing, is naturally soft on the skin, and very ecological. Micromodal is a near-natural fibre, which is made from natural polymers. It is made from a polysaccharide (main component of wood) and cellulose (most frequent organic compound in the world) which is obtained from beech. The raw material of cellulose is produced in the same location as the Modal fiber itself. This means that it can be produced in a way that conserves energy and resources. The use of continually renewable cellulose is future orientated, for sustainable use of the raw materials of our world. Therefore, Modal is also environmentally friendly, and has a better eco-balance than cotton.

How is Micromodal different from other materials? – Lenzingmodal® is extra soft, even finer than silk and breathable, does not attract a static charge, and does not smell after use, like some artificial fibres. – Lenzingmodal® is skin friendly and has a high tensile strength, high elasticity, good absorbance, high consistency and good dyeability.

Available exclusively in the UK from Cymortho

Competitively priced at £21.99 + 3.99 P&P each for all sizes, or  packs of 7 for £140 with free postage


How to size for  shirts: take a circumference around the chest under the armpits:

Small: 78 – 81cm

Medium: 82 – 85cm

Large: 86 – 89cm

Packs of 7




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